Dr. Reena simply put is AMAZING!! 
Her cheerful, warm personable disposition along with her positive energy are all very welcoming. She's very reassuring to both children and parents. She explains things in detail that are understandable and uses terms that aren't frightening. She made my very anxious 4yr olds 1st dental appointment a breeze. Even with having dental producers done, she never knew she was getting a shot and she wasn't scared to return for other work or checkups. She's now 5 1/2 and gets excited to go to her dental checkups with Dr. Reena!  We excitedly travel an hour just to go see her at her practice.  We are very thankful to have found Dr. Reena!
Lorie A. Schroeder


As a parent, we all want our children to have the best possible dental experience! Let’s face it, we want them to seek care throughout their lives and setting the stage is imperative when they’re young.  If you are looking for an exceptional dental home with an incredibly compassionate, caring dentist…look no further! Dr. Reena Patel has been the difference to my girls. Her bright, bubbly personality makes them feel at home and wipes the fear of facing a filling or two off the table. We are grateful for her great care and absolutely recommend you find a home here as well!!
Denise Casey 


My two children have been going to Dr. Reena for about 5 years now and we couldn’t be happier!  When we moved to a new area and had to find a new dentist my kids were nervous about starting over with someone new, after spending the first five minutes with her we all knew she was the perfect fit I can’t say enough good things about her and how amazing she is with the kids.  They have always come out all smiles even when a bit of work needed to be done thanks to Dr. Reena’s gentle hand.   My two kids have told me that she is the only dentist they ever want to go to and we feel blessed to have found her
Terri Zermaitis

My family is so glad we found Dr. Reena. She is what you want in a pediatric dentist. So kind, sweet and very professional. My daughter is always a little nervous to go to the dentist, but Dr. Reena makes her feel so comfortable, and she always comes out smiling. She always takes her time, and answers any questions I may have. We love Dr. Reena!
Megan Stenzel